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Misspelled T-Shirts


A funny misspelled word from a well known misspelled review by axman13. Check out "Dot dot dot" by Ricepirate on Youtube and you'll see what I'm talking about. Hope you like.

Tags: misspelled, motivational-words, words-of-inspiration, because, beacuase

beacuase T-Shirt

by Bat13SJx
Main Tag

This design will make a perfect gift for any English teacher or student! The text reads "Every time you make a typo, the terrorists win."

Tags: typo, spell-check, grammar, english-teacher, spelling


Black text that says Spelling is dificult, challinging, irratating, Hard. The words dificult, challinging and irratating are crossed over by a red line.

Tags: school, high, misspelled, humor, not-a-good-speller


A funny black handwritten style text that says "I'm a programmar" "I'm a programar" "I'm a programer" "I write code". The first three are crossed out.

Tags: computer-programmer-gifts, funny-programming, funny, im-a-programmer, i-write-code


A text that says "I'm an engeneer, engenere, enginere, I'm good with math". The three misspelled words have a line over them. The text is black.

Tags: enginere, im-good-with-math, engeneer, engenere, math


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