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Another tee combining the love of video games and pinball into one. 1cc stands for "1 Credit Clear", which is a feat not many can achieve, and it is best found in arcade games where the games are tough and you have a single credit on the line. This term is particularly referenced with shmups/STG arcade games but it can apply to others where skill is king.

Tags: pinball, videogames, 1cc, shmup, nerd

1CC When Lit T-Shirt

by arcadeheroes

Sonar Technician (abbreviated as ST) is a United States Navy occupational rating. STs are responsible for underwater surveillance. They assist in safe navigation and aid in search, rescue and attack operations. They operate and repair sonar equipment. STs track underwater threats and send tracks to fire control (antisubmarine warfare controlling station) operator (ASWCS) for further evaluation and or destruction. Sonar Technicians are separated into two categories, STG (sonar technician surface) who are on surface ships and STS (sonar technician submarine) who operate on submarines. Sonar Technicians are often referred to as "ping jockeys" on board vessels, after the sound of active sonar.

Tags: usn, operations, opr, operator, opns


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