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Aldo, your funny as fuck.

Tags: go-fuck-yourself, humor, fuck-you-too, quotes, fucking


Just Boo

Tags: nes, nintendo, super-mario-bros, video-games, snes


well., Boo!

Tags: super-mario-odyssey, super-mario-super, super-mario-brothers-3, snes, nintendo

Tags: meme, kotaku, ign, super-meat, sonic-the-hegdehog

Tags: solid-snake, metal-gear, big-boss, mgs, the-phantom-pain

Tags: capcom, street-fighter, ryu, ken, street-fighter-2

Tags: pop-culture, 1990s, 90s-kid, master-system, megadrive

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Tags: spx, ps2, ps3, ps4, video-games

Tags: humor, smile, face, inde, 360

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Tags: nintendo, nintendo-power, joy-con-boyz, youtube, gaming

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Tags: video-games, games, nes-classic, kotaku, destroctoid

Tags: ridge-racer-type-4, ridge-racer-4, namco, ign, real-racing-roots-99

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Tags: cartoon, 80's, space adventure cobra, cobra, davel may cry

Tags: games, video-game, anime, cartoon, playstation

Tags: portal, headcrabs, anime, cartoon, valve

Tags: pop-culture, super-smash-bros, gamer, manga, videogames

Tags: pop-culture, humor, funny-cross-over, welcome-to-die, cross-overs

Tags: 8bit, games, game, gamer, videogame

Tags: geeky-humor, humor, mash-up, danny-devido, pokeball

Tags: tmnt, teenage, mutant, ninja, turtles

Tags: 1990s, 1980s, nostalgia, ninja-turtles, power

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Tags: tokyo, spidey, spider-man, japanese, japan

Tags: guns, cobra, cartoon, devil-may-cry, 1980


90's girls and boys know the console wars.

Tags: sonic-the-hedgehog, super-mario-bros, video-games, humor, gaming


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