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Tags: drawing, hogwarts, magic, wand, wizard


Dan approved!

Tags: fiend-skull, misfits, christmas-fiend-skull


I am the danger

Tags: tv, heisenberg, amc, breaking-bad, mr-white

Tags: the-walking-dead, rick-grimes-beard, andrew-lincoln, twd, walkingdead

Tags: pretty, pink, peonies, flowers

Tags: freaks-and-geeks, community, troy, donald-glover, gambino

Tags: band, chappie, banana-brain, south-africa, music

Tags: food, pretty, icecream, ice-cream, cone

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Tags: lipstick, makeup, art, game, teeth

Tags: bryan-cranston, amc, blue-meth, heisenberg, walter-white

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Tags: diamonds, howl, pretty, headpiece, flowers

Jade T-Shirt

$20 $14
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Tags: cute, love, flowers, bird

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Tags: translucent, floral, antlers, pretty, pink

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Tags: drawing, art, sexy, bite, celesteroddom


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