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Long Beach, CA
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Tags: crystals, polygons, rose-quartz, polygon-art, su


My mission: to create new designs, to seek out new ways of expression and new ideas, to boldly go and create shirts for Trek fans.

Tags: uss-enterprise, picard, kirk, spock, star-trek-tng


A coat of arms designed for the Tenth Doctor. I designed this with the meanings of traditional coats of arms in mind, so each symbol and color pertains to different parts of who the Doctor is. Symbol Meanings: - 3 red fusil (diamonds) for the three companions and the sacrifices they made, on a field of black roguly to symbolize the many difficulties encountered - a golden Ood, for the generosity and elevated minds of these aliens who sang for the Doctor, placed on blue background (for loyalty) with a white chevron (angled bar) placed behind (for sincere and faithful service) - a red rose for the love he shared, placed on a green bend. green for hope/joy/loyalty in love, the bend (diagonal bar) signifying protection. - Daleks support the sides of the shield, the Doctor’s greatest enemy, never ever truly gone - the Tardis crests the shield, as the helm - His motto: “Allons-y” , the Doctor always ready to go Hope you like!

Tags: ood, art, david-tennant, rose-tyler, coat-of-arms


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