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Tags: loki, tony-stark, retro, red-skull, thor

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Tags: avengers, iron-man, shield, red-skull, thor

Tags: loki, hawkeye, civil-war, comics, thor

Tags: vintage, retro, comics, dc-comic, dc

Tags: bizarro, bizarro-superman, dc, dc-comics, retro

Tags: were-still-here, election, democrat, politics, vote

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Orange is the new black, property of litchfield shirt

Tags: orange-is-the-new-black, netflix, litchfield, prison, stream

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Tags: were-still-here, 2016-election, election, democrat, politics

Tags: bizarro, superman, man-of-steel, justice-league, wonder-woman

Tags: man-of-steel, bizarro-logo, super-heroes, comic, dc-comics

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Tags: evil, xmas, satan, holidays, ugly-xmas-sweater

Tags: portal-2, portal, steam, valve, half-life-t-shirt

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Tags: hyrule, ocarina-of-time, majoras-mask, twilight-princess, link-to-the-past


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