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Vigan City, PHilippines

for star wars fans also reylo!

Tags: porg, bb9e, bb8, jedi, kylo-ren


justice league

Tags: superbat, wonderbat, aquaman, cyborg, flash


Crisis on Earth X fans!

Tags: mon-el, overgirl, supervalor, karamel, supergirl-kara-zor-el

Tags: valor, supergirl, mom-el, supervalor, karamel

Tags: mon-el, karamel, supervalor, valor, kara-zor-el

Tags: supergirl-tv-show, kara-zor-el, kryptonian, mon-el, karamel

Tags: diana-of-themyscira, diana-prince, superman, batman, wonderwoman-2017

Tags: archie, jughead, betty, veronica, cheryl

Tags: superheroes, peter-parker, theamazingspiderman, spidermanhomecoming

Tags: archie, jughead, veronica, betty, riverdale-tv

Tags: justice-league, superman, wonderwoman, diana-of-themyscira, batman

Tags: veronica, betty, riverdale-tv, archie-comics

Tags: diana-of-themyscira, superman, justice-league, diana-prince, batman

Tags: archie-comics, riverdale-tv, betty, jughead

Tags: archie, riverdale-tv, archie-comics, veronica

Tags: superman, batman, justice-league, dc-universe, wonder-woman

Tags: the-amazing-spiderman, spidey, spider-man, spidermanhomecoming, marvel

Tags: spider-man, theamazingspiderman, peterparker, the-amazing-spiderman, spiderman-homeccoming

Tags: batman, diana-prince, superman, diana, justice-league

Tags: batman, superman, diana, justice-league, wonderwoman


For all the demigods worldwide!

Tags: hero, ancient-greek-hero, ancient-greek, greek-mythology, roman

Main Tag

Tags: kara, mon-el, comets, super, kryptonian

Tags: chb, camp half blood, percy-jackson, percy-jackson-the-olympians, heroes-of-olympus

Tags: chb, rick riordan, camp-half-blood, percy-jackson-the-olympians, demigods

Tags: camp-jupiter, lightning-thief, demigods, heroes-of-olympus, di-angelo

Main Tag

Tags: superheroes, supergirl, dc-universe, justice-league, dc-comic

Tags: disnerd, nerd, snow-white, elsa, rapunzel

Main Tag

Tags: diana-prince, wonder, woman, amazon, female

Main Tag

Tags: comets, kryptonite, krptonite, mon-el, moon-el

Main Tag

Tags: comets, kyptonite, mon-el, zor-el, kara

Main Tag

Tags: comets, kryptonite, kryptonitew, superfriends, kara-me


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