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Tags: rainbow, hater, hate, i-hate-my-life, nihilismo


Young Gagarin made with letters and punctuation marks.

Tags: typography, typographic, typographic-portrait, gagarin, vector

Tags: deny-everything, trust-no-one, x-files, xfiles

Tags: the-truth-is-out-there, cigarette-smoking-man, x-files, i-want-to-believe, trust-no-one

Tags: sailor-moon, usagi-tsukino, tsukino-usagi, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, sailor

Tags: sailor-moon, tsukino, tsukino-usagi, usagi, usagi-tsukino

Tags: sailor-moon, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, tsukino-usagi, tsukino, usagi

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Tags: art, cairo, spanish-words, spanish, exotic

Tags: design, typographic, quotes, quote, phrases

Tags: makoto-kino, minako-aino, mizuno, mizuno-ami, ami-mizuno

Tags: sailor-senshi, sailor, mizumo-ami, sailor-mercury, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon


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