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Tags: girl, heroines, movie, nerd, cool

Tags: vintage, funny, video-games, mario-bros-princess, games

Tags: cool, band, nerd, humor, rock

Tags: jake, jake-the-dog, finn, finn-the-human, finn-and-jake

Tags: cartoon-network, marceline-the-vampire-queen, marceline, finn-and-jake, adventure

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" The world is always ending for someone. "

Tags: girl, goth, goth-fashion, endless, neil-gaiman

Tags: art, jedi, star-wars, death-star, super-mario-brothers

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Tags: regular-show, benson, mordecai-and-the-rigbys, rigby, pops


I'm not mean, I'm a thousand years old, and i just lost track of my moral code.

Tags: art, marceline, marcy, marceline-the-vampire-queen, adventure-time


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