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la magia de una cardcaptor

Tags: shoujo, geek, trending, top-trend, vintage


the mahou t-shirt

Tags: girl, sakura, kawaii, top-trend, mahoushoujo

Tags: anime, sailor-moon, sailormooncrystal, fanart, manga

Tags: retro, retrogaming, top-trend, nerd, video-games

Tags: backtothefuture, marty-mcfly, doc, delorean, geek

Main Tag

Tags: kawaii-cute, nerd, geek, pastelgoth, cute

Tags: cartoon, parody, evangelioneva, gamer, videogames

Tags: videogames, games, robot, cute, kawaii

Tags: tank, tattodesign, cute, kawaii, sailor-mars

Tags: cartoon, comic, animacion, anime, videogames

Tags: sailor-moon, manga, anime, tattodesign, usagitsukino

Tags: girl, art, retro, tattoo-art, tattodesign

Tags: sailor-moon, cool, kawaii, cute, magicalgirl

Tags: parody, manga, top-trend, nerd, geek


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