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On the Shermometer...

Tags: tv, retro, the-critic-tv-show, tv-shows, it-stinks


There're two things that solve everything.... Money and Explosives!

Tags: bastion, hanzo, genji, reinhardt, mercy


Cause everyone loves Ganymede!

Tags: mei, winston, dva, reinhardt, tracer


Where dreams come true!

Tags: overwatch-map, overwatch-world, junkrat, roadhog, bastion


Hanamura Pachimari Arcade. Cause, who doesn't love Pachimari!!!

Tags: pachimari, blizzard, pachimarioverwatch, pachimari-overwatch, genji


Cloud has joined your party!

Tags: final-fantasy-party, final-fantasy-vii-party, final-fantasy-vii-silhouettes, pixel-final-fantasy, cloud


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!!! Some festive geek humor for those Animal Crossing enthusiasts

Tags: christmas, animal-crossing-xmas, crossing, animal-crossing-christmas, merry-christmas


Chip chip chip.... Wanna buy this house?

Tags: bells, animal-crossing-villager, nintendo-animal-crossing, nintendo, nookie

Main Tag

The Devil and the Pentagram?

Tags: cup, mugman, cuphead-dont-deal-with-the-devil-game, cuphead-gaming, cuphead-game

Main Tag

The Devil pentagram!

Tags: gaming, retro, cup-head, cupheads, xbox-one

Tags: persona3, ann-takamaki, arsene, yusuki-kitagawa, persona-3

Tags: akko-kagari, chariot, anime, sucy-manbavaran, little-witch

Tags: unicorn, disney, princess, unicorn-head, star

Tags: pony, disney, forces-of-evil, svtfoe, princess-ponyhead


Famous Serena Tsukino quote

Tags: feminists, feminist-quote, anime-feminist, social-justice, sailor-senshi

Tags: diana-cavendish, lotte-yanson, akko-kagari, witch-anime, witch-academia

Tags: sarcasm, funny-quote, funny, ugly, ugly-people


May the hype began!

Tags: logo, death-stranding-logo, video-games, silent-hill-hideo-kojima, silent-hill

Tags: unicorn, dragon, unicorns, love, fantasy

Tags: overwatch, zarya, mei, hanzo, gamer

Tags: soldier-76, d-va-nerf-this, d-va, fight-like-a, widowmaker

Tags: tensei, megami, anime, femenism-anime, fight-like-a-girl

Main Tag

Tags: prince-lir, schmendrick, amalthea, lady-amalthea, the-unicorn-in-the-garden

Tags: p4, ryuji, morgana, school-life, persona4

Tags: minami, pichit, leroy, lery, jean-jaques-leroy

Tags: audio-cassette, cassette, netflix-serie, netflix-series, netflix

Tags: husbando, kawaii, eren-jager, snk, aot

Tags: levi, titans, snk, eren-jager, shingeki

Tags: erwin, smith, levi, eren, aot

Tags: p5, persona5, ryuji-sakamoto, persona, persona4

Tags: video-games, persona5, gamers, manga, persona3

Tags: fantasy, chocobros, chocobos, chocobo, ignis

Tags: fantasy, kawaii, pastel-goth-style, pastel-goth, daddy

Tags: final-fantasy, fantasy, pastel-goth-style, pastel-goth, kawaii


From Final Fantasy XV, Cindy's Hammer Head Fuel Service Station

Tags: xbox, ps4, gaming, gamer, chocobo

Tags: animal, pastel-unicron, pastel-colors, pastel-goth, pastel-style


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