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Eye of the Frog T-Shirt

Eye of the Frog

$22 $16
Moth Party! T-Shirt

Moth Party!

$22 $16
Orange Sulphur Butterfly with Asters T-Shirt
City Fox at Night T-Shirt
Nightcrawler! T-Shirt


$22 $16
LEECH!!! T-Shirt


$22 $16
Heartsong from Green Cricket T-Shirt
Blinded Sphinx Moth - Showing Those Baby Blues T-Shirt
Clymene Moth - showin' and hidin' T-Shirt
Downy Woodpecker Pecking Wood T-Shirt
Hummingbird Humming T-Shirt
White-breasted Nuthatch T-Shirt
Weevil Brought an Acorn! T-Shirt
Sluggyback Ride T-Shirt

Sluggyback Ride

$22 $16
Slug Slug Slug SLUGFEST! T-Shirt
Bullfrog, Ruler of the Pond! T-Shirt
Green Anole lizard - Dewlap Action! T-Shirt
Mighty Hellgrammite! T-Shirt
Moth Anatomy Cheat Shirt T-Shirt
Cricket Anatomy Cheat Shirt T-Shirt
Pet Scorpion Purring on Your Shirt T-Shirt
Scorpion Encounter! Bigger Than Large! T-Shirt
Tick...tick...tick... T-Shirt
Rosy, the Maple Moth Looking at You T-Shirt
Yellow Jacket, deciding... T-Shirt
Spittling Spittlebug Spittling Spittle T-Shirt
Earwig - Everyone's Favorite Insect! T-Shirt
Painted Lichen Moths Likin' You! (Actual size-ish) T-Shirt
Rosy Maple Moth Gathering  (Actual size-ish) T-Shirt
Pale Beauty Moth T-Shirt
Clymene Moth Hidin', Clymene Moth Showin' T-Shirt
Spotted Salamander Meandering T-Shirt
Barred Tiger Salamander T-Shirt
Back in the Saddle(back) - Caterpillar! T-Shirt
Monster From the Desert of Gila! T-Shirt
Actual size-ish Luna Moth (Actias luna) T-Shirt
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