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Tags: movies, mashup, cute, parody, pop-culture

Tags: willferrell, will-ferrell, christmas, buddy-the-elf-quote, buddy-quote

Tags: cotton-headed, cotton-headed-ninny-muggins, son-of-a-nutcracker, buddy-the-elf-quote, buddy-quote

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Tags: rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer, christmas, xmas, holiday, cute

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Tags: cute, funny, pop-culture, holiday, xmas

Tags: movie, christmas-classic, movies, pop-culture, cute

Tags: whitechristmas, white-christmas, bing-crosby, danny-kaye, sisters

Tags: movie, bing-crosby, merry-christmas, christmas-movie, movies

Tags: bing-crosby, holiday-clothing, happy-holidays, holiday, classic-xmas

Tags: holiday-classic, christmas-movie, merry-x-mas, merrychristmas, merry-xmas

Tags: winter, holiday-shirt, happy-holidays, holiday, christmas-movie

Tags: ski, skiing, tap-dancing, holiday-classic, christmas-classic

Tags: classic, fred-astair, bing-crosby, white-christmas, movie

Tags: abraham-lincoln, fourth-of-july, thanksgiving, easter, valentines-day

Tags: movie, holiday, holidays, happy-holidays, xmas

Tags: irvingberlin, bingcrosby, santa, white-christmas, xmas-song

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Tags: holidays, holiday, happy-holidays, holiday-inn, holiday-clothing

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Tags: holidays, happy-holidays, holiday-inn, holiday-clothing, christmas

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Tags: holiday, happy-holidays, xmas, christmas, bing-crosby

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Tags: holidays, santa-claus, santa, holiday, xmas

Tags: christmas, santa, santa-claus, reindeer, rudolph

Tags: christmastradi, hohoho, ladder, reindeers, rudolph

Tags: its-a-wonderful-life, every-time-a-bell-rings-an-angel-gets-its-wings, george-bailey, everytime-a-bell-rings, everytime-a-bell-rings-an-angel-gets-its-wings

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Tags: clarence, every-time-a-bell-rings, everytimeabellrings, george-bailey, georgebailey

Tags: buffalo-gals, buffalogals, george-bailey, georgebailey, zuzu

Tags: christmas, happy-holidays, newyork, ny, bedfordfalls

Tags: ad, advertisement, homesecurity, holidayheist, lostinnewyork

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Tags: 80-s-movies, 80-s, 1980s, funny, 80s-movies

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Tags: bill-fucking-murray, murray, bill-murray, scrooge, scrooged

Tags: 80s, ghost, ghostbusters, the-golden-girls, rue-mcclanahan


He's gonna SCARE the HELL, outta YOU! Any Questions!?!?!? [Suggested Shirt Color - ORANGE]

Tags: skeleton, skeletons, 100floorsoffrights, disneycast, castmember

Tags: proton-pack, ghost-busters, ghostbusters-parody, ghostbusters, the-golden-girls

Tags: costume, witch, witchcraft, pumpkin, holiday

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Tags: ghost, pumpkin, halloween, witch, spell

Tags: spooky, scary, skull, headless-horseman, headlesshorseman

Tags: mind-power, water, wind, coal, oil


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