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Tags: les-chevaliers-du-zodiaque, knights-of-the-zodiac, los-caballeros-del-zodiaco, gold-saints, saint-seiya

Tags: death, neil-gaiman, sandman

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Tags: metroid-prime, super-metroid, samus-aran, metroid

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From the shadows of wild the symbols get meaning.

Tags: triforce, legend-of-zelda, gamer, gaming, games

Tags: cygnus, hyoga, cavaleiros, cdz

Tags: boxing-legend, boxing, lucha-libre, luchador, acapulco

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That is how Hylian Shield and Master Sword looks in real life. I saw it before my eyes when I played my ocarina! ;)

Tags: zelda, triforce, games, ocarina-of-time

Tags: cdz, shiryu, cavaleiros, dragon

Tags: knights-of-the-zodiac, cdz, cavaleiros, ikki, phoenix

Tags: saori, zodiac, athena, otaku, anime

Tags: saint-seiya, gold-saints, zodiac, los-caballeros-del-zodiaco, cdz

Tags: milo, astrology, anime, zodiac, cavaleiros

Tags: les-chevaliers-du-zodiaque, saga, ares, cdz, cavaleiros-do-zodiaco

Tags: saint-seiya, gold-saints, knights-of-the-zodiac, mu, cavaleiros-do-zodiaco

Tags: shaka, virgo, astrology, cdz, anime

Tags: les-chevaliers-du-zodiaque, death-mask, anime, knights-of-the-zodiac, cdz

Tags: saint-seiya, knights-of-the-zodiac, seiya, cdz, los-caballeros-del-zodiaco

Tags: saint-seya, gold-saints, knights-of-the-zodiac, libra, les-chevaliers-du-zodiaque

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Tags: saint-seya, knigths-of-the-zodiac, cdz, los-caballeros-del-zodiaco, lion

Tags: aldebaran-knigh, knights-of-the-zodiac, taurus, gold-saints, saint-seiya

Tags: anime, shura, capricorn, saint-seiya, los-caballeros-del-zodiaco

Tags: astrology, manga, anime, aphrodite, cavaleiros

Tags: gold-saints, knights-of-the-zodiac, les-chevaliers-du-zodiaque, cdz, saint-seiya


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