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An illustration of the 1958 Sci-Fi classic The Fly

Tags: movies, mad-scientist, science-fiction, teleportation, sci-fi


Just an illustration in the style of the great horror writer H. P. Lovecraft

Tags: cthulhu, hp-lovecraft, necronomicon, terror, literature


A portrait of the great Klaus Kinski as Nosferatu in Werner Herzog's 1979 Nosferatu the Vampyre

Tags: undead, moon, vampires, dracula, dark

Tags: vintage-horror, illustration, art, boris-karloff, movie

Tags: frankenstein, the-bride, movies, bride, horror

Main Tag

Tags: classic-monsters, undead, horror, bram-stocker, macabre


A portrait of General Ursus from Planet of the apes.

Tags: horror, movies, cult, 1968, sci-fi

Tags: universe, galaxy, graphic-design, design, science-fiction

Tags: vintage, horror, robots, film, gorilla

Tags: pin-up, intage, aliens, illustration, monster

Tags: the-haunted-mansion, disney, doom-buggy, horror, classic-ride

Tags: ghosts, mansion, waly-disney-world, doom-buggies, disney

Tags: the-haunted-mansion, foolish-mortals, ghost-host, classic-rides, walt-disney-world


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