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The highinist, flyinist trapeze school in Gotham

Tags: comic, dc-comics, batman

Tags: choose your deductionist, deductionist, deduction, deduce, sherlock-shirt

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Tags: vedio game, high-score, level-up, level, king-kong

Tags: abstract, art, lanterne-verte, candles, candela

Tags: comic, abstract, art, ninja-turtles, funny

Tags: 2d-animation, cartoon, action, adventure-time-t-shirt, animation

Tags: abstract, illustration, art, spoon, propaganda

Tags: abstract, art, metropolis, parody, geek

Tags: comic, abstract, art, ice, mr-freeze

Tags: abstract, work, art, diary-of-a-wimpy-kid, thor


Friends are Neat!

Tags: oscars, movie-parody, parody, room, the-tick

Tags: animal, music, band, rock, artsy

Tags: elementary, sherlock-holmes, choose-your-deductionist, deductionist, deduction


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