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Tags: doctor-who, cute, geek, nerd, illustration

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Tags: julia-louis-dreyfus, veep, tv, costanza, jerry-seinfeld

Tags: kevin-mccallister, home-alone-movie, joe-pesci, daniel-stern, macaulay-culkin

Tags: the-dude, lebowski, big-lebowski, the-dude-abides, jeff-bridges

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Tags: pop-culture, funny, veep, julia-louis-dreyfus, dance

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Tags: humor, movie, pop-culture, funny, steve-martin

Tags: you, forrest-gump, hanks, a-league-of-their-own, tom

Tags: summer, mixed-vegetables, h-jon-benjamin, paul-rudd, show

Tags: batman, triplets, junior, big-fish, death-to-smoochy

Tags: film, movies, typographic, typography, chas-tenenbaum

Tags: phil-hartman, sinbad, turboman, booster, christmas-movie

Tags: royal-tenenbaum, luke-wilson, richie-tenenbaum, wes-anderon, margot-tenenbaum

Tags: cartoon, movies, pop-culture, cute, nerd

Tags: geek, mashup, movies, super-mario, super-mario-bros

Tags: royal-tenenbaum, wes-anderon, luke-wilson, richie-tenenbaum, film


Nice marmot

Tags: coen-brothers, nerd, geek, funny, pop-culture


Savage AF

Tags: 80s-movies, funny, nostalgia, 90s, 1980s

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Be Kind, Rewind.

Tags: illustration, fun, 1980s, 80s, tape

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Google it yourself

Tags: quotes, inspirational, search, google-search, 1980s


Heaven adores you.

Tags: heaven-adores-you, mural, lo-fi, rock, indie


Coenxist - You know, like "coexist", but with murder.

Tags: coexist, pop-culture, film, movie, cult

Tags: lansing, east-lansing, michigan-state-university, msu, michigan

Tags: rivalry, msu, u-of-m, michigan, ohio-state-university

Tags: rivalry, u-of-m, msu, ohio-state-university, michigan

Tags: lansing, east-lansing, michigan-state-university, msu, college

Tags: funny, rivalry, lansing, east-lansing, msu

Tags: rivalry, funny, sports, football, osu

Tags: rivalry, funny, university-of-michigan, u-of-m, msu

Tags: college, ann-arbor, msu, michigan, lansing

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Michigan Proud

Tags: grand-rapids, lansing, detroit, homes, huron

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Detroit Proud

Tags: ford, gm, huron, great-lakes, city

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Tags: great-lakes


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