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Tags: 1970s, 1974, william finley, jessica harper, paul williams

Tags: rhps, time-warp, richard-obrien, frank-n-furter, rocky-horror-picture-show

Tags: netflix, mouth breather, millie bobby brown, eleven, the duffer brothers

Tags: jessica-harper, shock-treatment, janet-majors, rocky-horror, janet-weiss

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Tags: shoe, sneaker, chuck-taylor, chucks, sneakers

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Tags: little shop of horrors, audrey 2, audrey ii

Tags: australia, christopher lee, alan arkin, the return of captain invincible

Tags: the-duffer-brothers, millie-bobby-brown, jim-hopper, winona-ryder, netflix

Tags: the-clash, the-duffer-brothers, winona-ryder, eighties, 80s

Tags: netflix, winona ryder, the duffer brothers, upside down, upsidedown

Tags: millie-bobby-brown, netflix, the-duffer-brothers, winona-ryder

Tags: rocky horror, rocky-horror-picture-show, frank-n-furter, richard-obrien, susan-sarandon

Tags: the-return-of-captain-invincible, kate-fitzpatrick, christopher-lee, alan-arkin, richard-obrien

Tags: rocky-horror-picture-show, richard-obrien, rhps, the-rocky-horror-show, transylvania

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Tags: rocky-horror, rocky-horror-picture-show, the-rocky-horror-show, rocky-horror-show, richard-obrien

Tags: shock-treatment, denton, dentonvale

Tags: joe trohman, pete-wentz, fob, patrick-stump, andy-hurley

Tags: dtv, dentonvale, denton, shock-treatment


the true star of Stranger Things

Tags: the duffer brothers, winona ryder, steve harrington, joe keery, netflix

Tags: rocky-horror-picture-show, frank-n-furter, time-warp, rhps, the-rocky-horror-show

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Tags: death-records, phantom-of-the-paradise, paul-williams, jessica-harper, william-finley

Tags: the-return-of-captain-invincible, kate-fitzpatrick, christopher-lee, alan-arkin, richard-obrien

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my brother drew this and he insisted that I put it on my store, so here you go

Tags: alpaca, dali llama, salvador-dali, dalai-lama, art

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Tags: ashley-frangipane, room-93, rock, badlands, alternative

Tags: rocky horror, rocky-horror-picture-show, rhps, richard-obrien, patricia quinn

Tags: jessica-harper, cliff-de-young, movie, richard-obrien, rhps

Tags: dtv, shock-treatment, rocky-horror, denton

Tags: goosebumps, mcr, gerard-way, danger-days, killjoys


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