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kijetesantakalu tonsi li lon soko T-Shirt
kijetesantakalu Santa T-Shirt
sitelen pona pi nimi ku suli T-Shirt
a a a! T-Shirt

a a a!

$22 $16
mu T-Shirt


$22 $16
Toki Pona logo (original) T-Shirt
soweli kijetesantakalu T-Shirt
tomo awen pi wile unpa T-Shirt
kijetesantakalu walo T-Shirt
kijetesantakalu pimeja T-Shirt
mi ken ala toki pona e ijo la mi sona ala e ijo T-Shirt
Toki Pona arcade carpet T-Shirt
ma pona pi toki pona T-Shirt
lipu tenpo T-Shirt

lipu tenpo

$22 $16
Toki Pona logo (linja suwi) T-Shirt
Toki Pona logo (linja sike) T-Shirt
Toki Pona logo (linja pi pu lukin) T-Shirt
mi olin e meli mi T-Shirt
Pingo T-Shirt


$22 $16
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