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Manatee T-Shirt - Ramen onsen manatee by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Autumn manatee - manatee with sleep mask bathing in pumpkin full of leaves, surrounded by mushrooms by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - The manatea is excellent today - manatee in teacup infused in shade by tostoini
Neptune T-Shirt - Neptune planet by tostoini
Venus Planet T-Shirt - Astronaut manatee in space: Venus by tostoini
Pluto T-Shirt - Pluto, you are still a planet in my heart by tostoini
Mars T-Shirt - Mars: dare silly things by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Astronaut manatee in space: I like space both outer & personal! by tostoini
Saturn T-Shirt - Saturn: classic space age design! by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Spring allegory manatee by tostoini
Horoscope Signs T-Shirt - Manatee horoscope - "this is not your day" perpetual horoscope works for every sign by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Summer manatee by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Lamentino the manatee in fall - Autumn winter manatee illustration card inspired by On melancholy hill by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Venus manatee by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Winter manatee wrapped in scarves on snowy background by tostoini
Manatees T-Shirt - We're a manateam! manatee love and friendship by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Lamentino the manatee pattern - lots and lots of manatees by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - Allegory of the four seasons as a manatees: winter, spring, summer and autumn by tostoini
Dugong T-Shirt - Manatee VS Dugong: an educational poster with a bit of humour illustration by tostoini
Manatee T-Shirt - You're manateerrific! by tostoini
Plant Person T-Shirt - Maranta leuconeura tricolor - crazy plant person by tostoini
Two Moms T-Shirt - Hatched by two chicks by tostoini
Thanatosis T-Shirt - Thanatosis Club - we don't fight we don't fligh we just freeze by tostoini
Lets Dance T-Shirt - Let's dance! Dancing fox in David-bowie-inspired attire illustration by tostoini
Nope T-Shirt - Nope - avocado seed in water by tostoini
Black Cats T-Shirt - Windowsill cats - Black cat duo on a tipical italian window in a "Milano yellow" building holding le by tostoini
Black Cat T-Shirt - Black cat chillin' on the kitchen table by tostoini
Marimo T-Shirt - Dancing marimos by tostoini
Coffee T-Shirt - Grandma's coffee cups - a tea in the library? by tostoini
Coconut T-Shirt - Uromys vika or Vangunu giant rat sipping a coconut by tostoini
Grumpy T-Shirt - Malmosto - a shirt for grumpy days by tostoini
Robin Bird T-Shirt - Birds of a feather flock together illustration with colorful pattern of woodland birds in silly daisy hats by tostoini
Cat T-Shirt - Black cats trying to knock down a vase by tostoini
Medusa T-Shirt - Friend or food? - Medusa gorgon head #vasettinervosetti by tostoini
Fried Egg Jellyfish T-Shirt - Cothyloriza Tubercolata jellyfish illustration with colorful pattern of mediterranean jellyfishes by tostoini
Kitsune T-Shirt - Kitsune - madame fox by tostoini
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