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For the petrol head who loves the trio

Tags: tv-show, movie, the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly, funny, captain-slow


I don't human

Tags: world-vegetarian-day, vegetable, world, earth, healthy

Tags: hello, hello-i-am, world-introvert-day, bookish, anti-social

Tags: communism, kgb, russian, soviet, russian-president

Tags: anti-trump, anti-government, trump, donald-trump, lol

Tags: boyfriend-birthday-gifts, relationship, boyfriend-gifts, couple, boyfriend

Tags: weekend, meme, lol, funny, broken-heart


Absolutely I am

Tags: girlfriend, college-humor, wife-gifts, girlfriend-gifts, funny

Tags: boyfriend-gift-ideas, boyfriend-birthday-gifts, boyfriend, funny, sticker

Main Tag

Tags: love, couple, romance, i-hate-you, forgetting-you

Main Tag

Tags: heart, love, couple, moved-on, move-on

Tags: valentines-day, valentine, valentines, romance, hello-im


Yeah, you!

Tags: boyfriend, cheating, mood, relationship, love

Main Tag

Tags: im-single, dating, hello-im-single, memes, meme

Tags: meme, funny, lol, holiday, weekend

Tags: hello-i-am, hello-im, sticker, hello, weird


Have a burger?

Tags: food-lovers, food-lover, hello-i-am, hello, sticker

Tags: text, lol, hello, typography, quotes


I do.

Tags: word, sticker, hello-i-am, words, meme

Main Tag

Tags: usa, make-america-great-again, joke, humor, presidential-election-2016


No way!

Tags: simpsons, the-simpson, tv-series, no-way-man, quotes

Tags: republic, trump, maga, make-america-great-again, make-america-great-again-donald-trump-idiocracy-making-america-great-again-president-2016-president-2016-election-gop-republican-republican-party-future-of-america-usa-american-america-president-camacho-camacho

Tags: pop-culture, movie, movies, sci-fi, darth-vader

Tags: walter-white, heisenberg, tv-shows, tv, meth

Tags: make-america-great-again, maga, republic, america, usa

Tags: quote, song, leave-out-all-the-rest, chester, rock

Tags: bbc, captain-slow, top-gear, tv-show, car

Tags: petrolhead, quote, meme, funny, jezza

Tags: presidential-campaign, donald-trump-2016, 2016, election, america

Tags: america, usa, president, 2016-presidential-election, democrat

Tags: campaign-usa, campaign-2016, liberal, us, usa


A sweet revenge...

Tags: typography, metal, dope, cool, kreator

Main Tag

Because our times won't enough...

Tags: nerd, vintage, summer, holiday, tgif

Main Tag

Yes, please. Call me baby!

Tags: art, telephone, vintage, fashion, typography

Main Tag

Please doughnut, donut LOL please!

Tags: pop-culture, dope, cute, donuts, summer


Yes the sunflowers just said that.

Tags: typography, summer, natural, beautiful, floral


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