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Headstrong Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: white, white-whale, sea, ocean, whale

Beluga Whale Baseball T-Shirt

by Elena_ONeill

beluga mariachi!

Tags: memes, meme, funny, music, sombrero


Not sure what to say. I was kick'n around the idea of this guy for a while. Thought he would make a cool shirt and logo for my company.

Tags: top-hat, black-and-white, metalhead, headstrong


Obstinate Headstrong Girl


Oh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh and her sharp criticisms! But much like Lizzy Bennet, we’re happy to own this one. Obstinate? Headstrong? BRING IT.

Tags: reader, darcy, literature, bold, strong

Tags: keira-knightley, lizzie, elizabeth-bennet, jane-austen, obstinate-headstrong-girl


Let them know that you are the big boss man or boss lady! Not to say that you are pushy or a dictator, but maybe just a little headstrong. So listen up! Great gift for a boss or supervisor with a sense of humor. For any teacher, parent, mom or dad, coach, team leader or business manager. Perfect for back to school!

Tags: pushy, dictator, headstrong, bossed-around, bossy-boots


For the sarcasm lover in all of us. Check out this witty “I'm Not Stubborn. My Way is just Better” design on your favorite apparel.

Tags: quotes, irony, satire, headstrong, inflexible


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