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The Dark Knight Baseball T-Shirts


The Suicide Girl

Tags: harley-quinn, the joker, batman, suicide squad, margot robbie


C3PO as the Batman

Tags: starwars, star-wars, c3p0, droids, star-wars-inspired

Batc3p0 Baseball T-Shirt

by steversworth

Tags: gotham-city, bats, batman, the-dark-knight, the-dark-knight-rises

Tags: clark-kent, green-lantern, wonder-woman, dc-comics, joker

Batman Baseball T-Shirt

by lameOcal

Tags: dc-universe, dc, gotham, batman-comics, classic-batman


Pin up art

Tags: poison-ivy, pinup-girls, pin-up-art, sexy-women, the-dark-knight


My version of the Dark Knight

Tags: batman, dc-comics


he is the guardian of the city

City Knight Baseball T-Shirt

by kharmazero

Fan art of Barbara Gordon Follow my works! Instagran: @solangescf Twitter: @SoLaNgE_scf Facebook: www.facebook.com/SolangeSCF.art Tumblr: solange-scf.tumblr.com

Tags: gotham-city, dc-comics, barbara-gordon, gotham-girls, batgirl

Batgirl Baseball T-Shirt

by Solangescf

The real bat, no man!

Tags: batman, bat, animal, animals, yellow

Bat Baseball T-Shirt

by NikiVandermosten

The Dark Knight and Raptor Wonder of Isla Nublar.

Tags: parody, mashup, mash-up, geek, nerd


The Dark Knight

Tags: science, medieval-knights, medieval, horror-movies-gift-idea, horror

Tags: joke, joker, harley-quinn, batman, the-joker

Joke Baseball T-Shirt

by albertocubatas

Which live action joker is your favorite? Line them up and show em off! Bet you can't pick just one!

Tags: batman, t-joker, suicide-squad, dc-comics, dc

Joker Line up Baseball T-Shirt

by AlanSchell76

Tags: robin, batman, dc-comics, the-dark-knight

Tags: bat, hahaha, university, academy, gym


This design is a variation on another shirt I designed, and is a nod to a personal favorite villain of all time- The Joker! I loved the idea of the Joker almost stepping out of a playing card, but also loved the idea of re-creating this as if he was a (somewhat) traditional playing card. It was for this reason that I decided to leave both designs available for purchase.

Tags: harley-quinn, playing-card, card, clown, insane


Heroes in Spy vs Spy style

Tags: superman, batman, man-of-steel, dawn-of-justice, spy-vs-spy


A way of life

Dark Knight Baseball T-Shirt

by EnforcerTank

Tags: the-dark-knight, gotham-city, the-batman, batman

Tags: joke, bird, bat, haha, cute


the classic logo of batman. the dark knight of gotham city. presented with digital brush design style.

Tags: classic, dc-comics, comics, batman, digitalbrush


Old School Batman Logo.

Tags: harley-quinn, dc-universe, the-joker, dc-comic, dc

Tags: watercolor, joker, dark-knight, batman, drawing

Joker Baseball T-Shirt

by kakha

Tags: riddler, hero, nerd, superhero, dc-comics

Tags: batman, bruce-wayne, dc-comics

Tags: batman, dc-comics, dccomics, joker, the-joker

HA HA Baseball T-Shirt

by Jordanjamesb


Tags: wayne, superhero, wonder-woman, superman, the-dark-knight

I'M THE SURGEON Baseball T-Shirt

by phillheureux

Design based on the comic book character "Dark Knight"

Tags: dark, knight, gotham, comic, nerd

Tags: comics, nerd, dc-comics, batman, crazy


St. Swithin’s Home for Boys. Inspired by the 2012 movie "The Dark Knight Rises". Please note that the print is deliberately distressed to give an aged, retro appearance.

Tags: movies, batman, the-dark-knight, bruce-wayne, wayne-enterprises

Tags: geek, nerd, what-would-batman do, hero, her

WWBD Baseball T-Shirt

by ccourts86

Tags: voice, batman-parody, the-batman, batman-shirt, batman


Show the world that you don't back down from anyone or anything, with this Armored Batman tee.

Tags: batman, batman-vs-superman, superman-vs-batman, superman, comics

BVS: Armored Batman Baseball T-Shirt

by LinesOfCharacter

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