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Bias Kids Hoodies

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Bias (Bi-As) Spelled with Periodic Elements! Our original Periodic-Tees Elements design. This high-energy tee contains elements Bismuth and Arsenic!

Tags: periodic-table, periodic-elements, periodic-spelling, chem, spelling

Tags: ncb

No Coast Bias Kids Hoodie

by nocoastbias

This is a Truth T-shirt. Truth has no color, no bias, no hate! A great gift for anyone who believes in the truth.

Tags: social-justice, justice, truth-statement, statement, no-color


stop racism

Tags: sign, mood, off, confederate, protest


I was listening to the great Invisibilia podcast from NPR on “the Secret Lives of Clothes” and they were discussing the power of clothes and a simple experiment where subjects say the color of a word they’re shown, but the word is the name of a different color. This proved pretty tricky for some folks, and I thought of this as a sort of simple mindfuck. Classic Helvetica font with the colors mismatched/reversed. Enjoy!

Tags: red, orange, yellow, green, blue


Fuck racism

Tags: foster, bigotry, bias, segregation, discrimination

Fuck racism Kids Hoodie

by hoopoe

"You can't read this, but it makes you uncomfortable. Don't be afraid." Designer proceeds will be donated. More at: https://loveandresistance.org/design/you-cant-read

Tags: islamophobia, muslim, justice, bias, racism

You Can't Read This Kids Hoodie

by LoveAndResistance

Tags: reality-has-a-liberal-bias, special-snowflake, scientist, liberal, global-warming

Special Science-y Snowflake Kids Hoodie

by authenticamerican

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