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Brown Hair Kids Hoodies


Brown Hair Don't Care

Tags: dont-care, hair, brunette, do-not-care, quotes


Our little brown bunny just does not care. A play on the expression 'brown hair don't care.'

Tags: bunnies, rabbit, dont-care, bunny, brown-hair


My Muse

Tags: nerd, portrait, woman, nikki, brown-hair

Nikki Kids Hoodie

by Arathinair

Tags: aidai-girls, girls, sisters, greek, empresses-roman

Aidai Girls Kids Hoodie

by HoPiuFame
Main Tag

An original design. Done by combining an original hand drawing with digital painting. The original drawing is many years old now, so I thought I'd bring it back to life with color and depth. This is a girl who is looking toward the sky. Keeping her focus on what is out there.

Tags: japanese, design, illustration, art, geek

Look On Up Kids Hoodie

by falconcreative

You ever been out with your boo? Just got out of a Burger King or some other Fast Food restaurant you probably shouldn't be eating at in the first place because its loaded with anti nutrients? Ever walking home and your girl reaches into the bag to pull out a french fry? As she's doing that you think to your self "oh heck no! The french fries are suppose to be eaten with the burger! You are messing up the long established relationship between the french fry and the burger!!" She pulls it out and takes a bit of that long golden crisp delicious fry... you open your mouth to playfully tease her with the hopes of discouraging her from taking another bite. Before you could muster a word she sticks it into your mouth. The delicious savory oils watering your flavor palette. The slight salty flavor on your tongue. Aromas taking you back to every time before you put one of these delicious delicacies into your mouth. You smile. You are confused because you feel completely diffused by her act of sharing. Sharing is Caring. Share your french fries with your boo.

Tags: sharing, caring, french-fries, french-fry, happy-meal

Sharing Is Caring Kids Hoodie

by LUFAdventures

Tags: cat, harry-potter, red-maine-coon, quidditch, fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them


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