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Celtic Pattern Kids Hoodies


It’s the busiest time of the year, HARVEST! The days are slowly getting shorter. The smell in the air starts to change. It’s becoming cooler at night. Summer is winding down. The Oak King is aging, and the Holly King is becoming stronger. The Holly king is waiting patiently for his strength to return so that he may challenge the Oak King on Samhain (Halloween), and DEFEAT him, thereby ushering in winter. So you must stay busy. Harvest your crops and store them in preparation for the winter ahead. There’s still time. Hard work during the Harvest will be rewarded.

Tags: celt, autumn-season, celtic-art, celtic-knotwork, celtic-pattern

Celtic Reaper Kids Hoodie

by celtichammerclub

The Morrigan is a war goddess from Irish mythology often associated with ravens or the battle crow. She is portrayed as an ominous figure. My interpretation gives her a fearsome appearance with a raven skull headdress, and long bird-like talons for fingers. Her sword is covered with vines and claws to show the connection with nature.

Tags: irish, irish-mythology, mythology, celt, celtic-art


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