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Daily Planet Kids Hoodies


Perry White is Discouraged with Clark Kent for not turning in the right story that is newsworthy for the front page of the Daily Planet. His new task is to get the new story about the Wayne Tech. and LexCorp. merger. He is forced out of Mr.Whites Office and bumps into his friends Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

Tags: dc, superhero, superman, jimmy-olsen, man-of-steel

The Daily Planet Kids Hoodie

by BatYardProductions

Tags: comics, publisher, superman, clark-kent, marvel

Blaze Comics Kids Hoodie

by MindsparkCreative

Kent and Lane, are the best investigative journalists around. Once they're on the trail of a story, you can bet they'll follow it to the end.

Tags: rebirth, superwoman, dc-comics, ship, amy-adams

Tags: smallville, metropolis, lois-lane, lana-lang, chloe-sullivan

Tags: comic, superman, batman, superboy, supergirl

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Not all superheros can fly XD

Tags: batman, superman, superhero, fly, cape

Tags: futurama, planet, one-planet, planets, stars-and-planets


Looking for an original funny saying fashion t-shirt gift? Look no further. Need a birthday Christmas holiday anniversary graduation gift? House of HaHa is an artist owned brand created by Aaron and Melody Gardy. We design & sell hilarious t-shirts, hats, mugs and a variety of other merchandise online at www.HouseOfHaHa.com. We started House Of HaHa hoping to use our talents in art and humor to celebrate our love for geek culture and hopefully free us from our unhappy day jobs in the process. Being the dreamers we are, we also wanted to make the world a better place at the same time - even if we were only creating a few extra laughs in the world. Then we realized we could do so much more than that. T-shirts can start conversations, bring attention to great causes, support amazing artists, and help promote local businesses. Today we try to make sure everything we do to help our business has the potential to also help someone else. So that's a little about where we're coming from and where we're going. We hope to see you along the way! Go to www.HouseOfHaHa.com to follow our nomadic travel adventures camping across America with our dog Grimbo and a camera! Follow House Of HaHa on social media. Thanks & Have A Reasonable Day (:|)

Tags: comic, hipster, movie, nerd, batman


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