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Dialects Kids Hoodies


Geordie slang. A typography design that has a host of Northern England slang words and sayings surrounding the outline of the Angel of the North sculpture.

Tags: geordie, slang, sayings, england, english

Geordie Slang Kids Hoodie

by mailboxdisco

A host of Scottish slang words displayed on the flag of Scotland, the blue and white St Andrew’s Cross. Many of these terms have spread across the globe.“Pure dead brilliant”, “Am pure done in”, “Ma heid’s mince”, “Yer oot yer face!”, “Yer aff yer heid”, Boggin, “a-wiz-nae”, anno, “a um nay”, cannae, cannie, gingin, Lassy, minted, numpty, “oan yer bike”,skint, tatties, weegie, tap, oot, “Noo jist haud on!”, “Speak o’ the Devil!”, Gumption

Tags: slang, jargon, scotland, scottish, flag


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