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Funny Lawyer Kids Hoodies

Tags: gift, quotes, impeccable-logic, monochrome, legal-argument

Lawyered Kids Hoodie

by peggieprints
$36 $30

Funny ironic buzzard attorney holding business card that says Buzz Ard, Esquire in firm Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe and phone number 1-800 dial a prayer. Great for those who love rude sarcastic lawyer jokes.

Tags: attorney, funny, funny-lawyer, buzzard, law


Humorous take on an obnoxious guy, the kind lawyers like to sue!

Tags: creepy-guy, underwear-man, law, funny-lawyer, attorney


Funny cartoon of a skunk in a courtroom and a judge saying, "Odor in the court."

Tags: quotes, funny-lawyer, layers, judge, skunk


People tell me that LAWYERS DON'T SKATE all the time, so I have to consistently tell them that they are wrong. Get this shirt if you are a lawyer who likes to laugh in the face of people who tell you that you can't ride your skateboard.

Tags: quotes, future-lawyer, skating, lawyer-joke, skater

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Good Girls Call Daddy. Bad Girls Call Lawyers. Sassy Sayings Funny Girls Bold Authentic Statements Typography Pop Art

Tags: bad-girls, girlfriends, women-fashion, good-girls, funny-lawyer


Be Nice I might be your lawyer someday

Tags: funny-quote, lawyers, funny-lawyer, attorney, law


When you need all the help you can get.

Tags: lawyer-quote, funny-lawyer-gifts, funny-lawyer, attorney, dosh

Lawyers Guns n Money Kids Hoodie

by sandpaperdaisy
$36 $30

Tags: birthday, quotes, books, rules-lawyer, female-lawyer


Grab this funny lawyer merch today.

Tags: law, police, attorney, lawyer-funny, lawyer-gifts


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