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Spiv Kids Hoodies


"Good thing for contingency plans, right, Goku?" - Frieza, and some other things which may or may not even be his final form.

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Frieza's Trump Card Kids Hoodie

by indiespiv
$36 $30

The greatest lip warmers committed to celluloid: The Belgian (Poirot) The Groucho (Marx) The Stranger (Sam Elliot, The Big Lebowski) The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) The Lando (Calrissian, ‘tache of choice for double crossers and gamblers) The Magnum (Tom Selleck, The God of ’tache wearers everywhere) The Bassist (Derek Smalls, Spinal Tap – also worn by Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction) The Butcher (Daniel Day-Lewis, master of the unusual lip-warmer, Gangs Of New York) The Walker (Also known as The Spiv – Private Walker, Dad’s Army – also worn by early 80s Midge Ure and Mickey Pierce, Only Fools & Horses) The Gable (Frankly, I don’t give a damn) The Bandit (Burt Reynolds – Second only to Selleck in ’tache legend)

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