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Tigrex Kids Hoodies


Feel the power.

Tags: monster-hunter, video-games, gaming, nintendo, snow


...Looks like a Rathalos is joining in too!

Tags: monster-hunter-generations, monster-hunter-stories, mh3u, mh4u, monster-hunter

Tags: jinouga, stygian, blademaster, monster-hunter, rajang

Rajang Is Coming Kids Hoodie

by Zebnoiser

Tags: videogame, monsterhunter, tigrex


The beautiful and majestic Tigrex prowls the hills in search for a bite to eat. But why are you here? What is your business with the great Tiger Dragon? Who is the real monster here? https://www.facebook.com/peanutgolem

Tags: videogames, video-games, dragon, tigrex, monster-hunter

Tags: monsters, tigrex, wyvern, creature, gaming

Tags: video-game, equip, objects, humor, gaming

Tags: monsterhunter, monster, gaming, nerd, video-game


Hunt or be Hunted

Tags: kushala-daora, dahren-mohran, shagaru-magala, kecha-wacha, yian-garuga

Tags: nintendo, logo, jurassic-world, jurassic-park, psp

Tags: seltas, seltas-queen, nerscylla, gran-jaggi, gendrome

Tags: creature, piscine, wyvern, ps4, stygian

Solo Hunt Kids Hoodie

by Manoss

Tags: zinogre, mh4u, rathalos, jinouga, mh3u


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