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Welcome To Woodbury Kids Hoodies

Tags: daryl-dixon, zombies, zombie, the-walking-dead, glenn-rhee

Michonne Kids Hoodie

$36 $30

the walking dead related design

Tags: the-walking-dead, woodbury, welcome-to-woodbury

Welcome to Woodbury Kids Hoodie

by 126pixels
$36 $30

Tags: twd-comic, daryl-and-beth, twd-daryl, daryldixon, daryl

negan Kids Hoodie

by k4k7uz
$36 $30

Parody logo for Woodbury on The Walking Dead because of the arena fights they had on the show.

Tags: the-walking-dead, popular, hipster, art, cool

Woodbury Fighting Pits Kids Hoodie

by dorothytimmer
$36 $30

Tags: nerd, michonne, welcome-to-woodbury, woodbury, governor

Tags: the-walking-dead, tyreese-hammer, daryldixon, twd, bethgreene


Opened in 2010, The Governor established the world famous Woodbury Biterquarium. Fun for the whole family. Better than STUFF & THINGS!

Tags: the-walking-dead, dead, walking, thewalkingdead, rick-grimes

The Woodbury Biterquarium Kids Hoodie

by SamSteinDesigns
$36 $30

A late entry, but someone I think we can all get behind this election year.

Tags: the-walking-dead, election, politics-government, hillary-clinton-2016, clinton-2016

Negan 2016 Kids Hoodie

by nick1213mc
$36 $30

If you're looking to plant roots in a zombie free community, then you should visit Woodbury, Georgia. The locals will give you a tour of the walled town, and they just might introduce you to the "friendly" man in charge, The Governor.

Tags: walkers, glenn, the-governor, zombie-free-community, tv


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