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Nube Kids T-Shirts


Kinton Evolution.

Tags: gohan, vegeta, saiyan, dragon-ball, darwin

Tags: lluvia, noche, paraguas, verde, cielo

Tags: pink, star, girls, girly, girl

Girl Cloud Kids T-Shirt

by Peekaboomx

Co-op. Before Live. Before PSN. Before broadband internet. There was Gunstar. There was a seemingly unstoppable army. There were many (many) bosses. There was nothing to stop them except you and your friend. And it was amazing. Long live the heroes.

Tags: nubetees, nube, pixel, 8-bit, 8bit


They'll never be able to catch you. You are the fastest alive. And you'll prove it by continuing to get faster and faster until you become one with the speed force. You'll take everything dear to them, and they'll never be able to do anything about it. You. Are. The. Fastest. Alive.

Tags: reverse-flash, flash, superhero, speedster, barry


First you draw a circle. Then you dot the eyes. Add a great big smile and presto!

Tags: super-smash-bros, nintendo, nes, retro, video-game


The Saitama Wokout Plan: One Hundred push ups! One hundred sit-ups! One hundred squats! Then a ten kilometer run! Every single day! No Matter What! (And of course make sure you eat three meals a day. Just a banana in the morning is fine.)

Tags: one-punch, anime, training, genos, mob

Main Tag

Insert coin, check. Press P1 button to start, check. Ok, let's go! You got this centipede in your sight spaceship, keep blasting. Mash harder! You can do it. OMG where did that spider come from? What are you doing? SPIDER! STOP! Game Over.

Tags: gaming, stop, stahp, spider, retro


Show your contempt for life's obstacles. You are so above them, I think your face might be changing colors. Look! Look at how life toils to stop you from succeeding. It's so cute! Squiggly like an octopus. Nuru nuru nurunuru. No wonder you can't help but laugh. Nuruhuhuhuhuhu! Nurufufufufufu! Nurufuhuhuhuhu!

Tags: ansatsu-kyoushitsu, nubetees, nube, shonen, jump


Found a fairy, yass! Found the dungeon, yass! Got a new tool, yass! Got the boss key, yass! SLAY BISH, SLAY! Beat the boss, yass! Explore some more, yass! Repeat, repeat, yass! Found another world, yass! TRIFORCE BISH, YASSSSSSSSS!!!

Tags: super-smash-bros, link, nintendo, nes, retro


Dumb stuff happens. All the time. However, no one said you have to tackle it the way society tells you to. Stay within the rules, but be creative with it! Keep trying long enough and you'll win!

Tags: funny, anime, workout, nagisa, assassination


Goku & Gohan from Dragon Ball Z

Tags: gokuh, vegeta, bardock, goten, gohan

Tags: bardock, cartoon, wanpanman, man, punch


Did someone call a doctor? This cute anime inspired shonen design features everyone's favorite reindeer from straw hat crew. Just make sure you don't call him a raccoon!

Tags: unisex, adult, tops, chopper, one


Flawless Victory. These words uttered from an arcade machine meant complete decimation of your opponent. Establish your dominance over life. Wear your tee as you finish your daily opposition, whether it's work or play. Fatality!

Tags: injustice, videogame, vintage, kitana, finish-her


You so fly, edges are just gone! Weaves and all! Leaving these girls (and guys) absolutely edgeless. Walking Cynthia dolls, the whole lot. Of course this is all figurative, because you can't actually go around snatching weaves and edges. That's jail time. I know you serve, but jail time can't possibly be what you mean. Call Angelica!!!

Tags: pop-culture, gaming, 90s-tv, 90s-movies, 90s-cartoons


You can't even!? Nonsense. Shut all that negativity down. Wake up with a "Sure You Can!" Gets the job done every time.

Tags: girl, nubetees, nube, fight-money, bison-bucks


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