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Trinity Knot Phone Cases


Triquetra design

Tags: mythology, wicca, thor, trinity, christianity

Fire triquetra Phone Case

by Sinmara
$25 $22

CELTIC TREE OF LIFE - PAGAN, VIKING, CELTIC AND DRUIDISM CELTIC KNOT SHIRT. TREE OF LIFE T SHIRT. TRADITIONAL CELTIC TREE OF LIFE T SHIRT. VIKING SHIRT. This awesome Viking style Celtic Tree Of Life Tshirt is showing the branches reaching skyward and the roots spreading out into the earth below symbolising the Druid and pagan belief in the link between heaven and earth. There are two Triquetra Celtic knots, one facing upwards one facing downwards to symbolise the philosophy "As above so below". An ideal tshirt for anyone interested in wicca, paganism, druidism or ancient celtic and viking mythology and folklore.

Tags: triquetra, celtic-knot, norse, viking, trinity-knot


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