Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Sales in Numbers


It's that time of year again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly upon us and so, too, is the preparation for the holidays. 

We talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday a lot but we don't often go into why these days are so important for us and for you. Ahead of these dates, we wanted to share with you a rundown of how and why these days are so valuable (featuring tons of numbers and statistics, yay data!) and some tips on how you can make some of your best sales yet:


There you have it!

The tips above are only some of what we advise in preparation for the holiday season. For more details on how to best utilize your social media channels you can check out our optimization series here:

If you're stuck on what to do with your social media, no problem! We've got your back here too. We also know that many of you have a lot of products you like to share with your audience and recognize your eagerness to bring your fans to your store. To help here, we've put together a guide to avoid overpromoting in these next new months (because I don't know if you've noticed but we have a lot of sales coming your way!). 

Last but not least, don't forget that we've got your back! The affiliate team is here to help you through it all. We'll be in touch with more tips and tricks for the holiday season and are always here to answer any of your questions or support you on some cool promotions. We want these to be your best sales yet!

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